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Bruce has handled over 100 real estate transactions in Weiser and Payette County since 2015. Before that, he was active in real estate, purchasing rentals and commercial buildings. And even before that, his first internet startup in 1996 was (flyers for Real Estate Agents nationwide before desktop color printers) and a massive internet search marketing build-out for

Real Estate Experience

Bruce's home and garden company which was started in 1999, quickly grew into one of the country's leading internet companies and was named the 158th fastest-growing company in America as a member of the 2004 INC 500.

Business Claim to Fame :)

The promotional skills that led to being featured in publications such as USA Today, Parade Magazine, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, the front page of the Idaho Statesman and two Inc. Magazine articles are now focused on developing an individualized marketing plan (that often includes a postcard advertising your home to be mailed to everyone in the area) that puts his listings directly in front of those buyers who are ready, eager, willing and able to buy.


Homebuyers looking at your homes' listing online have replaced the old methods of open houses and countless showings. Professional hdr photography (with a real camera & a wide-angle lens on a tripod that is then digitally processed), custom floorplan layouts, a website built just for your home, sign riders that let drive-by lookers instantly get all the photos and details of your home on their phone, and FAA-licensed commercial drone photos are how Bruce makes your home stand out from the crowd.

Presenting Your Home Online

In today's online world where over 90% of home buyers use the internet during the search for their next house; Bruce Goode's clients have a huge advantage.

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